Joseph Banks


Hi there, I'm Joseph, a 14 year old Back-end Web Developer, fluent in Python, Node.js and various other Programming languages. I wrote my first website when I was 8 on a Raspberry Pi my parents bought for me. It didn't look very good, but it was a start. Since then I've moved on and am writing larger scale applications that I play about with on my server. I grew up having little to no WiFi and so while all the

other kids were downloading and playing huge video games, I was sat in my room with an old monitor and my Raspberry Pi learning to program, which has and is paying off now. I've written many robots for a chat application named Discord App, who are really cool and are worth taking a look at. My main project is listed below. If you have any questions or want to say hi feel free to contact me using the links below


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PyButt the Discord Bot

PyButt is a successful Discord Bot operating on 1000+ Discord Servers, you can see PyButt's webpage here

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Discord Webhook Package

I was the author of a NPM package for pretty formatting webhook embeds. The package now has over 2k total downloads. The package is hosted on NPM

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I host various other projects on my GitLab Server, which you can view here.