Joseph Banks

Backend web developer, Python lover

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Who am I?

Hey! I'm Joseph. I'm a backend web developer fluent in various programming languages. I've been programming since I was around 8, starting in Python on a Raspberry Pi. I love programming and spend most of my time writing code either for my own projects or for others.


What do I program in?

I know Python, Ruby, Rust and JavaScript. I can work both front-end and back-end. I love open source and a lot of my projects can be found on my GitHub. I'm currently developing various things in Rust, including a package manager for the AUR. I also wrote a custom implementation of the LMC in Rust, which emulates a basic CPU in a friendly way, the code is on GitHub.


What projects have I worked on?

I am the owner of one of the biggest Python communities on Discord. All our projects are open-source on GitHub, as of now we have over 2,000 users. I also made an NPM package called webhook-discord which is available on NPM to provide make pretty embeds easy to use in Discord.

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Contact Me

You can find me on Discord as Joseph#8035

I'm on Twitter as @JosephTehDev

Check out my GitHub Profile to see what projects I'm working on.

You can see my amazing posts on Reddit

Drop me an email at joseph at

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