Atom language-circuitpython v0.7.1

python Jun 11, 2020

After a bit of a break development on the Atom CircuitPython package we've come back with some awesome new features!

If you haven't already seen this package check out the screenshot on the atom package page above, the package brings support for the serial output and plotter (and a new feature below!).


Serial input

Serial input has been added to the package so that input() and other stdin related functions can be read from inside Atom.

An example of the serial input reading from the Atom window

Additionally this brings support for the CircuitPython REPL which can be entered once your CircuitPython program has exited.

Example of the REPL in language-circuitpython

Code can be restarted again by focusing the serial view and hitting CTRL+D.

Thanks to @dunkmann00 for implementing this!

Bug fixes

This is a tricky one, there has been one recurring bug with the circuitpython package related to the serialport Node.js library which is used for communication with CircuitPython enabled devices.

Since this uses a compiled bit of code to handle serial communication you must have bindings for your system. In an ideal world this should just work out of the box however there have been a few bug reports of this binding file not being located.

The version of SerialPort has been bumped which may fix the issue, however if this does not fix it for you please open an issue on the repository.

As always if you have any questions about the package please ping me on the Adafruit Discord at @joe#6000 if you have any questions or feedback!

Joseph Banks

Student studying Computer Science in the UK. I'm an owner of Python Discord, the biggest Python community on Discord and one of the largest in the world, see more at!

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